Shipment And Payment


We guarantee you FREE Worldwide shipping, so enjoy shopping without thinking about shipping and its costs!

How does it work after you bought from us? 

As soon as the order is received, we verify that every field you have completed is correct, then we process your order (usually it takes between 3 and 5 days).      After this we ship your package, shipping time lasts from 10 days to United States up to 60 days for international shipping.

Sometimes the products could arrive in different days because of the order process that can vary from product to product.

Delivery time?

Delivery times vary from country to country, for example in the United States the order usually arrives after only 10 days, while for example in Australia the time can also be 20 days.
We are a company that tries to make its customers happy and as soon as we receive an order we immediately get to work to send it as soon as possible.

Shipping problems

Up to now, no customer has had any problems with shipping, but if there are problems with your package contact us immediately, we will be happy to help you.
To contact us enter the section.

How do I track my shipment?

After the order is shipped, you will receive a unique code with which you can track your shipment.
You have to paste code on this site


For security reasons we accept only paypal method because is the safest way to pay online. Furthermore it is easier to receive money back in case you do not like the product.

Why do we only accept the paypal payment method?

The answer is: for security reasons.
It's the safest way for customers to pay, and another very important thing is that you can get your money back in case the order does not arrive.

PayPal’s website is secure and encrypted. As long as you have a secure connection to the legitimate PayPal site, any information you exchange is hidden from prying eyes.


For urgent problems you can contact us directly on our personal email!
We told you, the customer is our priority and so we are happy to help him anyway.

Our personal e-mail: