About Us

Botixstore started his journey 2 years ago together with his staff (simple people who loved high class and always be fashionable).

Our purpose was to encourage high fashion all over the world

People immediately appreciated our services and so we came across the world to sell our products that are carefully selected and sold at low prices so they can be bought by each of you.

We want to clarify that low prices do not mean low quality but it means two years of continuous research of high quality products that we can afford to sell them at reduced prices.

We sell high-class accessories, not clothes, because the secrets of fashion are to wear the best accessories so as to come out in evidence


Our staff is made up of both men and women and that is why we have two categories from which to choose the best products.


We also have photographers from all over the world who love our products and are always busy taking pictures with these.



Enjoy your shopping!


                                                                                  BOTIXSTORE STAFF